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Jonathan Wallis, PhD

Sarah Peter Hall Room 201


  • PhD, MA, Temple University
  • BA, University of New Hampshire

Recent Activities

  • (upcoming) Session Chair: Affective Mediums. International Society of Surrealism, Inaugural Conference, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA. October 2018.
  • Distinguished Alumni Lecture for 2017, Tyler School of Art, Temple University, PA. Lecture title: “Iconography Unbound: The Paranoiac-Critical Method and Salvador Dalí.’

  • Reviewer, “Sightlines of the Heart: Nancy Holt’s Stone Enclosure: Rock Rings,” Configurations (SLSA), Summer, 2017.

  • Philadelphia, "Object Temporarily Removed", The Fabric Workshop, Philadelphia, PA. Feb. 10-July 9, 2017. Group show. ("Unanswered Letter")

  • Rowan University, "Food That Moves: Edible Logistics", Rowan University Art Gallery, Glassboro, NJ. March27-May27, 2017. Group Show, Guest Curator: Daniel Tucker. (member of Philly Stake)

  • Juror, Fleisher WIND Challenge (Photography and Time-based Media), Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA. 2012.
  • Distinguished Lecturer at the New Britain Museum of Art, CT on The Life and Work of Salvador Dalí as part of the current exhibition, Cycle of Life in Print: Salvador Dalí. Lecture Title, "The Prodigious Life and Work of Salvador Dalí."
  • Lecture at Agnes Irwin School, Villanova PA. " Surrealism," 2015
  • “Curricular Bridges to the Past: Contemporary Art and Student Agency in the Art History Survey.” Session: Surveying the Survey: Assignments, Pedagogies and Practices, Southeast College Art Association, Pittsburgh, PA. Fall 2015.
  • Faculty Advisor, Knight Foundation Grant, “The Artist and Social Responsibility,” Artblog and the Village of Arts and Humanities, Philadelphia, PA
  • Lecture at Agnes Irwin School, Villanova PA. " Illusion vs. Abstraction: Changing Ideas about Visual Representations," 2015

  • Session Chair: The Ethics of Social Practice. College Art Association, New York City, NY. 2015.

  • Lecture: Observation/Interpretation/Liberation/Participation: The Changing Role of the Viewer in Art, Department of Education, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA. 2014.

  • Lecture: Contemporary Trends in Art: Participatory Art, Teachers Summer Institute, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA. 2014.

  • Moderator, Fiona Tan Study Day, Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA. 2014.

  • Conference presentation: “Walking the Line in Museums: Participation and Its Discontents,” Session: Contemporary Art Practices and Audience Engagement: An Institutional Perspective, Southeast College Art Association, 2013.

  • Moderator, "Local Action," Relational art component of the exhibition, Living as Form, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA. 2013.

  • Lecture at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, "Narrative in Modern and Contemporary Art," July 2013.

  • “Blending Art and Ethics: Marco Evaristti’s Helena and the Killing Aesthetic.” Session: Beyond Censorship: Art and Ethics, College Art Association, Los Angeles, CA. 2012.

  • Guest speaker, Theater Production of Tina Howe’s MUSEUM, Villanova University Department of Theater and Performing Arts, Villanova, PA. 2012.

  • “They Drew First Blood: Jenny Drumgoole and The Real Women of Philadelphia.”  Session: Spoofing Off: Are Parody and Satire Effective Form of Institutional Critique?, Southeastern College Art Conference/Mid-America College Art Association, Savannah, GA. 2011.

  • Guest Curator, "Jenny Drumgoole: Real Woman of Philadelphia" Levy Gallery, Moore College of Art & Design, January-March, 2011.

  • “Salvador Dalí’s The Ecumenical Council: A Paranoiac-critical Exegesis.” Symposium: Why Have There Been No Great Modern Religious Artists, ASCHA, Museum of Biblical Art, New York City, 2011.

  • Session Chair, Dalí Vision: Optics, Perception, and Spatial Illusion in the Art and Writings of Salvador Dalí (post-1940), Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, 2010.  

  • “Masters of Deception: Salvador Dalí’s Stereoscopic Paintings and Gerrit Dou’s The Quack” Session: Slight of Mind: The Magnetic Convergence of Science and Magic in the Modern Era, Southeastern College Art Conference/Mid-America College Art Association, 2010.

  • Lecture Series on Contemporary Art through the Lens of Photography, Woodmere Museum, Philadelphia, PA, 2009.
  • Dalí panelist. Symposium: The Metamorphosis of Sigmund: Freud and His Afterlives, The Wilma Theater, Philadelphia. June, 2009.



  • (forthcoming) “The Course Has Left the Classroom: Community Engagement, Consensus Building and Experiential Learning as Socially Engaged Art History,” for the volume, Socially Engaged Art History. ed. Cindy Persinger and Azar Rejaie, Palgrave Macmillian, (publication date TBD).
  • (forthcoming) “Remove, Replace, or Re-Interpret?: The Current Controversy Over America’s Historical Murals,” in International Survey of Contemporary Political Murals, ed. Małgorzata Kaźmierczak and Mariusz Waras. Warsaw: Akademii Sztuki w Szczecinie, 2018.

  • Useful Partnerships: The Queens Museum and Tania Bruguera's Immigrant Movement International,” in Museums and Public Art?, ed. Senie and Krause-Knight. Boston: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2017.

  • Guest Editor, Special Double Issue: Ethics and Social Practice, Journal: Art and the Public Sphere (Intellect Press, Ltd), no.3 & 4, February 2016. (Profiling the city of Philadelphia).

  • Interview with Tania Bruguera, Art and the Public Sphere (Intellect Press, Ltd), no.3 & 4, February 2016. 

  • “The Marketing Frame: Online Corporate Communities and Artistic Intervention,” in Companion to Public Art, ed. Harriet Senie and Cher Krause-Knight. Boston: Wiley Blackwell Press, 2016.

  • “Double Deceptions: Salvador Dalí’s Stereoscopic Paintings and the Influence of Gerrit Dou,” Papers of Surrealism, ed. Joanna Pawlik and David Lomas, 2015.
  • Book review of Rothman, Roger. Tiny Surrealism: Salvador Dali and the Aesthetics of the Small. University of Nebraska Press, 2012. Journal for Surrealism and the Americas. ed. Samantha Kavky. 2015
  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, authored entries on Arshile Gorky and Robert Rauschenberg.
  • "Behaving Badly: Animals and the Ethics of Participatory Art," Journal of Curatorial Studies, no. 2, 2012.
  • Book Review of Catherine Millet, "Dali and Me", in the "Journal for Surrealism and the Americas", 2009.

  • “Office Ladies, School Girls, and Video Vixens: The Multiple Identities of Mariko Mori’s Women in Post-Bubble Japan,” Women’s Art Journal, May/Summer 2008
  • “Holy Toledo!:  Salvador Dalí’s paranoiac-critical mysticism and the Life of St. John of the Cross” in The Dalí Renaissance, ed. Michael Taylor. Yale University Press, 2008.


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