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Christie Torgerson

Christie Torgerson is a Womanswear Designer from California. Christie studied at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, and during her time there, she was able to work in mentorships and gain knowledge of many different facets of fashion design. These mentorships included projects with Bleu by Rod Beattie, Hurley in collaboration with Nike, Armani Exchange, and even a costume project for Cirque du Soleil.

Almost immediately after graduating, Christie moved across the country to Philadelphia to start her career at Anthropologie, where she would design for the Structured Wovens design team. With her love of tailoring, she has played an important role in helping to grow and evolve the Tailored Wovens business into an exciting, fashion forward, yet totally accessible and vital business for Anthropologie.

Some of Christie's most exciting accomplishments have been the launch the new "Essential Pants by Anthropologie", which are 5 expertly tailored and exquisitely fabricated pants that the Anthropologie customer can pick up all year around. It is also the first "by Anthropologie" label to be delivered to the store, which has lead to the growth of the "Essentials by Anthropologie" label in the company across other categories. She has also played a pivotal roll in the growth of the jumpsuit business by pushing silhouettes, fabrications, and embellishments to new and inspiring levels.