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You might mistake the senior Fashion Design studio at Moore for a doctor's office when you first walk in -- all of the students wear white lab coats.
"In the couturiére studios, you always wear a coat as a form of respect of the space," said Fashion Design Chair Nasheli Ortiz-Gonzalez. "It's the uniform of a couturiére."
It's something new for the students, but Ortiz-Gonzalez said the coats have been a staple in the design world "since fashion was called fashion."
"The professors use a black coat and the students use a white coat," she explained.
The lab coats aren't just a designation. They are functional as well.
"You're going to get thread in your clothes, you don't have tiny things going out of your clothes that can get in the machine, you have pockets so you have all your tools in the pockets," Ortiz-Gonzalez said.
Shannon De Acetis '18 agreed.
"They are functional to keep tools in the pockets, which is convenient," she said. "They also set a professional standard in the studio, like we are working in a design house."
Being Fashion Design students, many have blinged up their jacket lapels.
De Acetis has an embroidered pink flamingo and a blue heart with the name 'Steve' written through it.
"Of course I'm going to add things to it," she said.
Madalyn Cook's lapels were full of colorful enameled pins, including a vintage sewing machine and red lips.
"I got them all at JoAnn Fabrics," she said.
Published on November 21st, 2017