Returning Student Finds Her Niche at Moore

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Years before attending Moore, Liz Todd was a registered nurse and working in an operating room in New Zealand. Today, she’s a junior interior design major at the College.

After starting a family, Todd said she began considering changing careers from nursing to art and design.

“I had always wanted to be an artist and designer since I was a teenager, but my family thought it would be more practical to be in nursing,” she said.

Todd and her family moved to the United States in 2000, settling in Wayne, PA. She did a lot of volunteer art and design work in her sons’ schools. “I decided I really wanted to pursue design.”

Todd enrolled at Moore in 2011 and realized she had made the right decision. “It was a big decision to go back to studying full-time with a family, but after speaking with the faculty during my tour, I felt that they were more aware of my responsibility as a mother.”

She said she was also attracted to the career center and the support and preparation they give students to find a job. The smaller campus also gave a more human side to the college.

“I felt that I was a member of a community and not merely a number,” Todd said. “I also liked the fact that it was an all women’s college.”

Being a non-traditional age student as well as a commuter was an adjustment at first, but one that she quickly overcame. “Overall the students have been very warm and welcoming,” she said. “We all support each other in our projects as we work through them.”

Todd said her family was very supportive of her going back to school. “My sons are both teenagers now and they don’t mind me working,” she said.

She hopes to eventually work for an architectural firm on large corporate projects. As a former nurse, she said she’s also very interested in health care.

“I miss the operating room sometimes because there was a lot of activity and caring for a patient, and I also enjoyed the teamwork, but that can be applied to the interior design field as well,” she said. “I enjoy working in teams.”


Published on April 12th, 2013