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Dr. Kelly Kirby with some of the students traveling to Morocco.

There's much to think about as students prepare for their trip to Morocco.  In an intensely focused conversation, Dr. Kelly Kirby discusses the following with some of the students who are going.

  • Make sure to pack light because you're responsible for transporting your own luggage.
  • Get some Dr. Bonner's soap to wash your clothes by hand.
  • Keep your passport safe.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are a must.
  • Do not bring caps and T-shirts with US logos.  You don't want to stand out like a foreigner.
  • Remember to write in your daily journal about your personal and anthropological experiences.
  • Sketch books will be provided for you express your experiences with visual interpretations. 
  • Things do not always go as planned in Morocco so it is sometimes necessary to simply be patient and wait.
  • Turkish toilets, what are those? They are porcelain platforms at floor level where you squat to use the toilet.


With all this in mind, students were reminded that this is a learning experience and an adventure and to have fun!

Published on December 14th, 2017