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Moore Students Enjoy 2nd Annual Animation Jam

Moore Anijam Fall 2018
Animation & Game Arts students joined with students of other majors to create a an animated video set to music in the second annual Anijam at Moore.   The students, members of the Animation Club, gathered in Graham Auditorium December 12 to view the culmination of what they worked on separately in segments.


"I really wanted to have an Animation Jam, which is basically having a bunch of animators together working on a single project, creating like a music video" said senior Animation & Game Arts major Jennifer Tran. "We started it last semester, and it worked out really great, and we really enjoyed working with a bunch of other people."

The club is made up of AGA students as well as Illustration majors. Students worked individually or in teams to create animations to a segment of the song Unity by The Fat Rat. The song was chosen by polling the members.

The video included scenes of cars racing, a cat eating a fish, and a cute witch flying on a broom stick.

Participants included Tran, Alexa Whitby, Kendall Lowinger, Katie Woods, Ariana Williams, Chianna Mac, Angela Palma, Alexander Getty, Maxine Boucher, Shannon Crossan, Leah Gonzalez, Christy LaRocco, Annais Delgado, Megan Barker, Justyne Kosinski, Margaret Gahm, Sarah Barden, Sydney Grigorakakis, Lauren Niedelman, Jamie Botak and Ashley Monteiro, Symone Justice, Merci Elliot, Manon Berger, Jennifer Murray and Michaelah Flanigan.

Published on December 20th, 2018