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Artists all over the world, including some at Moore, are putting down their iPads and tablets and picking up their pens for Inktober, a drawing challenge begun in 2009.

Illustrator and animator Jake Parker started Inktober as a way to get better at inking, and so challenged himself to draw something in ink every day for the month of October. Since then, it has grown to tens of thousands of people participating, with more than 100,000 images posted on Facebook and Instagram in 2016 with the #inktober tag attached.

"By trying to create and post a new piece each day of October, it gets an artist in the habit of practice and aids improvement in hand-rendering skills with traditional media," said Richard Harrington, associate professor of Illustration at Moore.

A few Moore students are participating in Inktober, including Rachel Friel, Madeline Mortensen, Grace Mertens, Alina Figueroa and Amanda Holmes.

"I'm participating in Inktober because I want to make myself do more personal projects during the school year, since school work can tend to take over," said Angela Palma '20. "I'm just drawing what comes to mind or what I think will look nice in ink. I'm doing a lot of experimenting because I'm still not used to ink yet."

Student Asa Littlefield also says it's nice to do work that isn't just for school.

"I decided to draw characters from Twin Peaks," she said. "I fell in love with the show over the summer. It has the perfect amount of creepy, weird, Halloween spirit that inspired me to draw the characters."

While some artists like to follow Parker's published 'prompt' list of a single word each day, such as 'graceful,' 'crooked' and 'underwater,' Harrington is doing his own theme of 'stars and cars,' and created images of Starsky and Hutch and Steve McQueen. Moore instructor and children's book illustrator Joe Kulka also chooses not to follow prompts, saying, "I get enough prompts on my illustrations from editors."

Other virtual events similar to Inktober are 'Monstober,' 'Goretober' and 'Drawlloween.'

Here is the official prompt list for Inktober.



Published on October 20th, 2017