Moore Alum is a Designer on Project Runway

Dom Streater ’10 has always been a fan of Project Runway.

She has watched the fashion reality show competition since Season 1. When she graduated from Moore with a degree in fashion design, her best friend urged her to apply to be a contestant.

She was a finalist for Seasons 10 and 11 and was finally cast this year for Season 12.

“I was shocked when they called me,” she said. “You want it to happen but you know your chances are so minute that you don’t really depend on it.”

But the exciting news quickly sunk in, as the 24-year-old from West Philadelphia was whisked away to New York City and the workroom of Parsons School of Design. Cameras followed her every move.

“It was very awkward at first having someone watch you work 24-7,” she said. “But you get used to it. After the first episode you don’t notice the cameras anymore because you get into the competition mindset and that becomes your main concern.”

Being asked to design and create garments for a runway show under such tight time frames was also an adjustment, Streater said.

“The pace of everything is so fast,” she said. “You don’t have time to second guess yourself. The really raw creative part of you comes out and you get to see what you can deliver when you tap into that part of your heart and soul.”

It helped that Streater has a calm personality and doesn’t buckle under pressure.

“I was pretty good at not breaking down,” she said. “Other designers were not able to handle it that way. I kind of focused on the task at hand and concentrated on that. If you start thinking failure, you will fail.”

Meeting show host and model Heidi Klum, mentor Tim Gunn and the celebrity guest judges was surreal at first, Streater said.

“After watching the show for so long, to me they were like movie stars, but being up close to them and getting to talk to them, you realize they are actual people. They are so silly and so goofy. It’s really cool to see that side of them.”

Streater said all the textile classes she took while at Moore gave her an edge over the other designers. She was one of the few designers who embraced print and textile design. This helped her during the second episode challenge, where her design landed her in the top three.

“The fashion program at Moore was great,” she said. “Everything I know how to do is because I went to Moore, in terms of construction and how I think about design. I learned to be very methodical and precise when I’m working. It helped me a lot on the show.”

Streater said she has been overwhelmed by the support from the Moore community since returning home from filming. Her mother threw a premiere watch party attended by several of her Moore classmates.

“They’ve had my back which I’m really happy about,” she said. “It’s about Moore girls sticking together. Because it’s an all women’s college, that bond sticks even after graduation.”

Before making it big on TV, Streater was busy designing her own clothing and accessories line, Halcyon Collection. She plans to return to that now that she’s home. She calls her personal style a “mix of street girl meets bright printed bohemian chick.”

While this bohemian chick can’t reveal how far she gets this season on Project Runway, she will say that it will be an exciting ride for the viewer.

“There is not a dull moment,” she said. “You guys will be very entertained and you will not be let down. There are a lot of crazy things we’re going to be doing pretty soon so keep watching. You won’t want to miss it!”

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Published on July 29th, 2013