Moe Brooker Commissioned for Parking Tower Project

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Moe Brooker, faculty emeritus at Moore, has been commissioned to create a drawing in the laminated glass windows of the elevator in a parking tower in Long Island, NY. This structure serves the nearby train station and large parking structure that is part of the Wyandanch Rising Redevelopment Project, bringing a new community of residential living to the center of this suburban town. Brooker’s project will address the north elevator tower windows.

In his artist statement, Brooker said, “Every artist has had an experience…that ultimately influenced them and caused them to say, as it did me, `I would really like to be able to do something like that some day.’ For me, this personal discovery took place at the Cathedral of Chartres, in France. As a young artist, I saw the windows there and was impacted by the size, their color, and the exciting result of light passing through these spectrums. Glass as a medium of light transmission and color is particularly exciting. In reflecting on that moment in France, I believe this project offers me that opportunity.”

Published on March 7th, 2014