Making Our Mark: Students as Teachers Exhibition

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The Philadelphia Foundation’s Community Art Gallery Presents: MAKING OUR MARK: STUDENTS AS TEACHERS.

EXHIBITION DETAILS: May 1 through August 23, 2013 Mondays through Fridays 9 AM to 5PM The Philadelphia Foundation 1234 Market Street, Suite 1800 Philadelphia, PA 19107-3704 215-563-6417 |

Moore College of Art & Design’s MA in Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations is designed to impart the specific skills needed to strengthen the teaching of individuals with disabilities. This exhibition features the art produced by students with challenges, along with original art from their teachers.

Read the letter below addressed to Art Education Graduate Program Manager Lynne Horoschak

Dear Lynn,

I went to Moore's exhibit, Making our Mark, at the Philadelphia Foundation and must tell you that I was "blown away" by its excellence.  What a wonderful curatorial concept to include a brief overview of the art project alongside examples of the children's work and art by the MA grad students as well. The summary of each project added meaningful content to each exhibit unit, making the exhibits more insightful for the viewer. I was truly impressed by the emphasis upon socialization skills and the level of critical thinking in all the exhibit units featured.  

I think that Laura Overstreet's work with the visually impaired related completely to Lowenfeld's early work in Vienna with blind and low vision students. How brilliant to work first with clay, then transfer tactile knowledge to printmaking through the use of gorgeous collages!  I also enjoyed the story quilt, the collage of African American leaders and must especially remark on the insightfulness of the children's work featuring watercolors of where children's shoes "walk" in a neighborhood as an imaginative way to connect with children's lived experiences. Your own artwork was an additional special treat to see with its expressions of flowing linear movement.

Thank you for letting me know about this wonderful exhibit. I certainly look forward to meeting your students in July!



Susan K. Leshnoff, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Coordinator, Art Education Program
Graduate Program in Museum Studies
Department of Communication and the  Arts
Seton Hall University

Published on May 15th, 2013