Interior Design Co-Housing Symposium

The Interior Design Graduate Program at Moore College of Art & Design will sponsor a day-long symposium on the concepts and practicalities of cohousing in the United States. Charles Durrett, architect and author of the seminal text on cohousing, will deliver the keynote presentation. Several shorter presentations by leaders in the field will follow, each of which will briefly cover specific components and aspects of cohousing communities. The afternoon will consist of two sessions of workshops expanding upon the morning presentations.

Cohousing communities can best be described as neighborhoods created with the future residents to best represent their needs, wants and desires for a mutually beneficial environment for raising children or growing older. Enhancing quality of life and living lighter on the planet are two of the prominent goals – among many more – achieved by cohousing communities. With its roots in Denmark in the early seventies, cohousing has developed into an intergenerational housing option appealing to young families, single parents, singles and retired couples. Since 1972, nearly 400 projects have been completed in Denmark. Since 1990, nearly 100 intergenerational communities and three elder communities have been created in the United States.

For more information on the cohousing movement in the United States go to:;; or

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Published on October 10th, 2009