Graphic Design Professor Gigi McGee worked with her Graphic Design majors on a one-day poster workshop in response to the exhibition Pretty Vacant: The Graphic Language of Punk, on view in The Galleries at Moore through March 15, 2014.   She provided an overview of how the Punk movement developed into New Wave and Post Modernism in design, then students visited The Galleries as a class to review the work and take notes.  The remainder of the workshop was spent generating handmade gig posters in the spirit of the works students saw in the exhibition, which were then scanned as digital files.

The images below are examples of the works created by students in response to Pretty Vacant.

  • deadkennedys2-05
  • disintegration
  • disintegration2
  • disintegration3 2
  • final police
  • patti1
  • poster1 winegardeden
  • sex pistols poster
  • sholliday flipper poster
  • sholliday flipper poster2
  • springpaulpunkposter1
  • springpaulpunkposter2
Published on March 6th, 2014