Finale and Exhibition at Moore!!!

To say that the students were excited is an understatement. I wish we had video to record their initial reactions to seeing the theater-sized posters of themselves, dressed in futuristic garb with poised facial expressions. This culminating event was a powerful way to make a statement about the power of the arts to build character, promote socialization, and help students realize their true potential.

  • finale 1
  • finale 2
  • finale 3

After viewing a video that encapsulated the journey that led to the finale, we were treated to the reading of the stories that the students created by local actors, Justin Jain and Aime Kelly. With fervor and animated voice, the students’ written work came to life. Here are some comments from the students about the experience: “I felt famous!” “I started to understand that we needed to work together. That was hard at first, but then it was fun.” “I like that I got to meet different people. I got a close-up view of what it takes to make a movie.” My personal favorite – “It made me want to write more.” That was one of our objectives!HERE ARE THE POSTERS-

  • sickness the takeover 194x300
  • revenge of the shifter 194x300
  • planet dezron 194x300
Published on January 24th, 2014