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An updated version of the elevator pitch turns into a sport for Moore’s Fashion Design students when they present their work in a PechaKucha.

The students will have 20 seconds to show 20 slides of their projects in two rapid-fire sessions in The Galleries at Moore November 30 and December 7.

The PechaKucha format was invented in 2003 by two American architects working for a Tokyo architecture firm as a way to attract people to their event space. Young designers would ‘perform’ to showcase their work. Pecha-kucha is Japanese for ‘chatter.’ PechaKucha Nights spread to cities in Europe the following year, and now they’ve been held in more than 900 cities worldwide.

Fashion Design Chair Nasheli Ortiz-Gonzaléz said the idea for the PechaKucha came about when trying to figure out how to fit in presentations by the 17 seniors in a fun way.

“It will be less formal and more relaxed for the students,” she said. “Designers use a lot of architecture to show their designs,” so the PechaKucha idea fit right in.

“It’s also really good because it forces them to be concise, economical with their thoughts and to take these complex ideas they’ve been working on a lot and be able to convey them really fast and efficiently,” said Matt Kalasky, education and public engagement coordinator for The Galleries. “It also mirrors industrial, real-life situations where you might have only 20 seconds to pitch your idea.”

Ortiz-Gonzaléz said the PechaKucha is good training for the students’ thesis presentations, which will be recorded on video.

“They are not used to talking about concept and the thinking process,” she said. “They will be explaining their theme and the concept of their design.”

She is also excited that the students will be performing in The Galleries.

“So far, the Fashion Design Department has been very runway-oriented and very wearable-oriented, so we wanted to go a little more experimental,” she said. “I think working in The Galleries space, interacting with fine artists, other people, it’s going to help them go out of that box.”

Kalasky added, “It will be a good chance for them to show their peers what they are working on.”

The PechaKucha presentations will be held Thursday, November 30, and Thursday, December 7, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm. The events are free and open to the public.

Published on November 21st, 2017