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Doris Chorney Remembered During Spring Alumni Reunion

By Mellany Armstrong

Doris Chorney '79, who served as Moore's director of alumni affairs for many years, was remembered in a memorial gathering at the College during the annual Spring Reunion.

The event was attended by her husband, Don, and daughters Stephanie and Alison, as well as many of her friends and alumni she had worked with.

"It’s not just that Doris was intelligent, committed, graceful and ambitious, though she was certainly all of these things," said Moore President Cecelia Fitzgibbon. "We remember her for the community of alumni that she created. She had the special ability to gather alumni from all class years and backgrounds to ensure they had a creative home at Moore for life and I think she would be touched to look around today and see how that community continues."

Debby Larkin of the class of 1970 and Alumni Council President from 2006-2009 said, "We are all so much richer for having known Doris."

Chorney's daughter Stephanie described how creative and artistic she was, both in her home and how she dressed.

"My mom could do just about anything," she said. "She gave herself to Moore, and she gave Moore back to us."

"She was intelligent, warm, creative and welcoming," said Mindy Glassman '72, as she recalled how Chorney drew her in to become more involved in alumni affairs.

"Doris brought us all color that will not fade with time," said her good friend Sheila Dyan.

Published on June 19th, 2019