Dom Streater on Project Runway Season 12, Episode 5

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*Spoiler Alert*
In Episode 5, the designers are sent to NYC’s Meatpacking District, where Tim announces that this will be yet another unconventional materials challenge! The designers also will be working in teams of three. Oh no – another team challenge! They must create a mini collection (each designer creates one outfit) out of unconventional materials from three stores – a wallpaper store, a grocery store and a home goods store. The looks can also be inspired by the new Lexus vehicles each team is given to drive around in. The designers only have one day for this challenge, and a budget of $1500 per team. Dom is paired with Helen and Justin, and once again, this is a drama-free team, unlike Team Ken/Alexandria/Sue. After their shopping experience, Sandro returns to the workroom to say a proper goodbye and apologize to the designers for his behavior the previous week. Dom’s team is inspired by the red Lexus they are given and their garments are constructed from wallpaper and red berries. The team doesn’t end up on top but is safe for another week. Jeremy’s white strapless cocktail dress is the winner of the challenge. Sue is sent home for her uneven hem and tailoring problems.

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Published on August 16th, 2013