Dom Streater on Project Runway Season 12, Episode 3

**Spoiler Alert**

In Episode 3 of Season 12, judge Heidi Klum wakes the designers at the crack of dawn for a trip to Coney Island. The designers will work in teams of two. They hand out samples of Yoplait Frozen Yogurt on the boardwalk asking people to describe the experience of eating it. These words will inspire their looks.

Then the twist: It’s an unconventional materials challenge! There will be no trip to Mood for designer fabrics. The designers will have to play carnival games to win their fabric – which means making garments out of stuffed animals and inflatable toys!

Dom is paired with Alexandria. They run with the word “playful” and construct a “monster” costume inspired by Japanese street style. It’s a sweatshirt dress made out of stuffed animals. The front pocket is the “mouth” and the crooked shoulder wrap has eyes sewn on.

Dom and Alexandria get along well and stay out of the continuous drama in the workroom. This works to their advantage during the runway show: the judges praise the whimsical garment.

Alexandria and Dom are in the top two teams this week. Though they don’t win the challenge, Dom is safe for another week.

Designer Timothy gets sent home.

*Some content courtesy of Project Runway recap blog.

Published on August 2nd, 2013