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Class of 2020's Mural on Display on Stahl Hall

Moore’s Class of 2020 has made its mark. A huge mural made by members of the sophomore class now hangs on the wall of Stahl Hall’s penthouse.

The 40-foot by 10-foot mural, painted on parachute cloth in pinks, magentas and blue, was installed Tuesday, April 24. The Sophomore Class Identity Project was led by Ali M. Williams ’17, a Philadelphia-based artist and muralist.

All sophomores had the opportunity to meet with Williams during the months-long process to give their input on the content and design of the mural.

“I worked with the sophomore class to develop the inspiration behind the design,” she said. “There’s a lot of symbolism behind the playful cloud-scape mural. Frida Kahlo, for example, was chosen because her image alone holds so much depth and significance, especially as an iconic feminist.

“It was important to the sophomore class to hone in on issues that were relevant and important to them, while also keeping the design fun and light-hearted,” she said. “That’s where the Snapchat glasses and the literal YAS Queen come into play.”

Illustration major Angela Palma was delighted that Williams, a Moore alum, was selected to guide the process.

“The project was a great opportunity for all the sophomores to collaborate with each other, which is a really unique experience that other schools can’t have,” Palma said.

Some other students who participated include Brooklyn Seiple, Karyn Kittrell, Abby Koutch and Samarah Pagan.

Published on April 26th, 2018