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Art History Major Contributes to College's New Micro-site for Women Visual Artists

A performance by artists Marina Abramovic and Ulay titled Relation in Time, from Claire Komacek's recent post on,
A performance by artists Marina Abramovic and Ulay titled Relation in Time, from Claire Komacek's recent post on, "Clarifying Feminism Through The Words of Second-Wave Artists"

By Brianna Wible

Junior Claire Komacek is completing her required summer internship working under Roy A. Wilbur, Director of Marketing and Communications, as a contributor to Moore’s new micro-site,, a digital platform for content and discussions among women visual artists. Her posts will offer a millennial’s view of feminism, body image and other subject matter relevant to the topics covered on the site.  

As an Art History major, Komacek will be utilizing her research skills to explore issues, heritage, ideas and successes relative to women artists and write informative blog posts for the site. The above image, a performance by artists Marina Abramovic and Ulay titled Relation in Time, is from Komacek's recent post, "Clarifying Feminism Through The Words of Second-Wave Artists."

“I chose to study Art History because I enjoy research and writing,” Komacek said. “This internship appealed to me because I will be contributing to a real project and my work will stand on its own after I’m done.”

Komacek will also be researching the archives at The Legacy Center at Drexel’s College of Medicine, Philadelphia Museum of Art and Moore’s Connelly Library and documenting her findings in preparation for producing the film, “Women Transforming Art & Medicine.”

“The second half of my internship involves researching women transforming art and medicine,” she said. “I’ll be searching the archives and studying the overlap of art and medicine, historically and up to the present time. The project is based on the premise that Moore and Drexel College of Medicine (the former Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania) opened within two years of each other with the same purpose: to educate women and empower them to provide for themselves.”

Introspective by nature, Komacek reads a lot about women and feminism for her own benefit - outside of school and her research work.

“I read work by feminists in the ‘70s and look at women in other cultures to explore what it means to be a woman to them and to myself,” she said. “Although I am a woman, I am still searching for a better understanding of what it means to be a woman; individually, in the context of sisterhood, and as a feminist. I have a general interest in women’s studies, not just relating to art.”

Komacek is also interested in working with her hands. She holds a double minor in Textile Design, as well as Business.

“I’ve done some embroidery and I do a lot of collage,” she said. “I like creating two- and three-dimensional work, specifically turning everyday objects into three-dimensional fabric designs. The materials I use and the work I make is typically inspired by visual properties of nature, like texture and color.”

A sample of Komacek’s work - a representational bag of 3-D oranges on a 2-D table surface – is currently installed on the third floor of Wilson Hall.

Outside of school, Komacek currently works at a local laundromat tailoring and repairing clothes.

“My mom taught me how to sew when I was little,” she said. “I learned professional tailoring skills from my boss. I enjoy the work and I enjoy the regular customers.”

Komacek, a Uniontown, Pennsylvania native, chose to attend Moore because of Philadelphia’s plethora of museums and galleries. She values her independence and looks forward to a bright future after completing her education at Moore.

“I’ve been living in an apartment for eight years and I’d like to move into a house outside of the city, somewhere south or west with warmer weather and easier winters,” she said. “I’m considering having children and I want my children to grow up surrounded by nature. I grew up playing in a forest. I plan to continue creating art and possibly sell my work on the side.”

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Published on June 24th, 2015