Fashion Design Alumna Turns Her Passion into a Business

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Cara Scudner has been ice skating since she was 14.
She competed in the sport until she started classes at Moore, where she earned her BFA in Fashion Design with a graphic design minor in 2012.
“I started skating again two days after graduation and after I had been home for a few months I decided to start competing again,” she said. “And that really took off.”
Scudner competed in the 2014 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships in April, earning medals in three categories. But this time she was there as both a competitor and a vendor.
In addition to her own figure skating career, Scudner creates custom dresses and outfits for all ages and levels of skaters. She sells them at skating competitions as part of her business, Cara Anne Designs, based in Lancaster.
“I come up with sketches, listen to their [the girls’] music, talk to their coaches and create just for them,” she said.  Scudner also makes skating accessories, such as key chains and embroidered skate towels (for skaters to dry off their blades after skating). She is working on a line of practice pants and off-the-rack dresses. She has even started making skating apparel for dolls.
“When you look at skating outfits for dolls out there, they don’t look like the dresses the girls are wearing,” Scudner said. “I’ve started making dresses that actually look like skating outfits. They are small and fiddly but I enjoy the challenge.”
Scudner credits her education at Moore with giving her the confidence and courage to start her own business. “I think one of the most beneficial things about my time at Moore was being involved in student leadership, both as a resident assistant/director and as part of the Emerging Leaders in the Arts program,” she said. “As a business owner there’s always a new challenge or problem I have to solve.”
Scudner also appreciates Moore’s small size and the “sense of community.”
“It’s great to have a network of other creative individuals that I can call on for feedback about something,” she said.
Scudner is looking forward to attending Moore’s Spring Fashion Show this Saturday as a fashion design alumna. As a senior, she won the Charming Shoppes Most Saleable Collection Award as well as the Jannaman Award for Excellence in Construction.
“I’m very excited to see what this year’s class has been working on,” she said. “I love that the fashion show is held right in Aviator Park. It just adds to the sense of community that is Moore – that was my front yard for four years, the place where I studied, sketched and hung out with friends. To have the fashion show there just felt right.”

For more information on Cara Anne Designs, visit Cara’s website
Read an article about Cara in her local newspaper

Published on May 13th, 2014