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Similarly to most students, my senior year of high school was filled with a rush of excitement and panic about setting one foot out the door and into what everyone refers to as “The Real World.” There were many teachers suggesting various schools based on their prestige, the programs offered, or even their personal experience. Nervous, I visited several schools and was pleased with some and unhappy with others. 

I became very close to my art teacher, Mrs. Peters, and appreciated her input on this subject above many others’. She told me the story of one of her former students who went to Moore as an Art Education major and later stayed to complete her masters. My teacher told me she had a wonderful experience with her classmates and teachers and that the school was there to guide her every step of the way. Amazed that a college would take such a personal interest in their students, I researched them and later scheduled a visit to see if it was as welcoming and supportive as it appeared.

My first concern about attending Moore was moving to a different state and having to get used to dorms or moving to an urban setting. Although I was born in Guatemala, I spent most of my life in New Jersey and had rarely been away from home for more than a week. My mother and I decided to visit Philadelphia with an open mind and were pleasantly surprised to see how beautiful the city was. We were lucky to have arrived on a warm, sunny day and had the luxury to explore a little bit before our appointment. 

When my mom and I arrived at Moore, we were surprised to see so much artwork in the halls and galleries. After speaking to Jasmine Zateeny in the admissions office, we learned that we had arrived in time for the 2012 Senior Show. I was very impressed by this display because it showed pride in their student’s accomplishments and gave them a chance to be viewed by potential employers. We also learned about facilities within Moore, such as the Career Center and the Writers’ Studio that helped Moore students to succeed. Living in a time where jobs are scarce, I felt much comfortable knowing that Moore would not only teach me what I needed to know for a future career, but also help me to search and apply for a job. Also, although I have always enjoyed writing, I know I may need help every once in a while and wanted to continue to grow as a writer. I was grateful to learn Moore also supplied a space dedicated to providing just that. After the tour, I felt very comfortable and happy at Moore and decided this was on the top of the list of where I wanted to go.

Published on April 30th, 2013