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*Spoiler Alert*

Dom may not have placed in the Top Three for this one-day challenge, but she proved she’s a winner when it comes to athletics! The designers met Heidi and Tim at a recreation area where they completed in an obstacle course consisting of a three-legged race, a tire run, a wheelbarrow race, and a flag grab. They had to compete in teams of two, and Dom and Justin won! But now the real challenge: Design an active wear look for Heidi’s New Balance line that is both functional and fashionable. As the winning pair in the obstacle course, Dom and Justin were able to choose their fabric first and got an extra hour to work on their garments back at Parson’s. Back in the workroom, Dom once again kept her composure as the designers around her – this week Ken and Helen -  lost their cool with each other. Then it was onto the runway! This week’s guest judge was Michael Kors. Helen, Kate and Alexander place in the top three. Alexandria, Ken and Karen were in the bottom. Helen won for her black cinch-waisted, flowy zip-up hooded jacket. Karen was sent home for her black sweatshirt-sweatpant combo. Dom, though safe, wishes she had been able to get feedback from the judges on her garment. Maybe next week!

-Some content from Project Runway blog
Published on September 6th, 2013