BFA Admissions

Welcome to Moore, the first and only women’s VISUAL artS college in the U.S.!

Moore College of Art & Design provides personalized attention in an intimate learning environment where every student is a valued member of our community.  Moore is dedicated to preparing students for inspiring careers in art and design. Our unique paid internship program for undergraduate women has a high success rate in aiding the launch of your career. Students are free to explore their creativity while pursuing a comprehensive academic program in a beautiful, inspiring campus setting. At Moore everyone is empowered to work hard and discover their own creative voice.

According to The Economist magazine’s study “The value of university: Our first-ever college rankings,” Moore College of Art & Design:

  • Ranks #3 in the U. S. among art and design colleges and universities in overall performance for adding value following Otis College of Art & Design and Rhode Island School of Design
  • Ranked 83 nationwide among the 1275 higher education institutions included in the study
  • Ranks #1 in Pennsylvania in overall performance for adding value among art and design colleges and universities


Check us out; you will find a supportive community of emerging artists and designers taught by a faculty of creative professionals.  Moore’s strong network of accomplished alumnae and dedicated staff are ready to inspire and support you while you pursue your passions and achieve your goals.  Our unique career-focused approach includes guaranteed paid internships for all students, networking events, leadership opportunities, along with rigorous studio and academic courses.

Situated at the heart of Philadelphia, our locale puts you at the center of this city’s arts and culture scene.  Experience all that the cultural district has to offer while inspiring your own art work and informing your academic pursuits.

We look forward to welcoming you to Moore and the amazing city of Philadelphia!


Why Attend A Women’s College?

  • In general, women at single-sex colleges are more engaged than women at coeducational institutions.
  • First-year and senior women attending women’s colleges experience higher levels of academic challenge.
  • Women’s college campus environments encourage and support diverse interactions and an understanding of diversity to a greater degree than women at coeducational schools.
  • Students at women’s colleges perceive greater support for success.
  • Women college students make more progress in every measure tested.
  • Women college students indicated greater gains in understanding themselves and have a greater desire to contribute to the welfare of their community.
  • Transfer students at women’s colleges are as engaged as those who started at and were about to graduate from the same women’s college.
  • Students at women’s colleges are significantly advantaged in terms of the nature and frequency with which they engage in educationally purposeful activities.
  • On almost every engagement measure, women at single-sex colleges score higher.
  • The high levels of academic challenge found at women’s colleges appear to be a reflection of “taking women seriously.”
  • Women at women’s college perceive the environment to require a high level of academic involvement. As a result, they expect to work hard to meet these high expectations.
  • Women’s colleges seem to foster an environment that fuels women’s understanding of self and others. That is, students at women’s colleges report greater gains in self-understanding, including learning effectively on one’s own and working effectively with others, than women at coeducational institutions.


Source: Women’s College Coalition

The above photo is of Moore's Admissions Staff. 2014 Thom Carroll Photography