Moore iPad Initiative

The first-year Foundation program, which prepares students for all majors at the College, is being supported by the  iPad® initiative. The integration of digital media and tools are taught and used in tandem with traditional drawing and design media. 

Lynn Palewicz, the chair of Foundation at Moore, has witnessed this firsthand. “So much is changing in our curriculum—we are pioneering the way for the seamless integration of technology throughout our studio courses,” she said. “We’re working from the ground up – starting with Foundation.  Soon Moore will have a curriculum that teaches students to use technology as a tool alongside traditional skills and materials.  To my knowledge, we are the only college approaching the incorporation of technology in this way.  We are certainly happy to set the precedent.”

Students use the iPad as a sketchbook and portfolio, as well as a camera for both still and moving images. Apps on the iPad allow students to develop ideas, concepts and produce finished work in classes. It’s a device that students can take on the go, to the traditional studio classroom as well as the computer lab.

 “Most of what I do or need – from a planner to a sketch pad – is in my iPad,” said Jazmin Gutierrez, a first-year curatorial studies major. “It has definitely opened a new world for me, a digital world. It’s like carrying around a digital extension of myself.”

Before coming to Moore, Geneva Champagne said she never would have imagined using a digital device to assist with a traditional type of artwork, but it works.

“I do ‘pre-sketches’ in Asketch before I do my regular drawings on paper,” said Champagne, an Illustration major. “It helps me lay out what I’m going to do and get my bearings for position, scale, even page orientation. It’s like a first draft. It has actually improved my drawings.”

Students spend time in both the studio and the computer lab working on projects that provide opportunities for exploring technology alongside traditional materials and processes.  

“Being exposed to the iPad early in the college experience will give students an edge in the “real world,” Palewicz said. “Whether they’re working as an independent artist, a teacher, a curator, a designer they will already have experience and practice integrating technology into their thinking, their working and their art and design making.

“When a client presents them with a problem, they can tackle that problem with the traditional processes they learned in school, but they can also bring their digital experience to the solution,” she said.

 View artwork created using the iPad.

 Each new student is given a free Apple® iPad®, pre-populated with the following apps: 

Applications & What They Do

  • iPhoto - Organize, edit, and share photos
  • iMovie - Organize, edit, and share videos
  • Sketchbookpro - Advanced drawing and painting sketch book
  • Asketch - Simulates the experience of charcoal drawing
  • Autocad - View, edit, and share DWG™ files with anyone, anywhere
  • iBooks - Download and store books
  • Drop Box - Mobilizes photos, documents, and videos, and allows to save on multiple devices
  • Pages - Customizable word processing
  • Keynote - Complete presentation tool
  • UPad - Note taking, photo editing, PDF reading & annotating
  • Eclicker Audience - Interactive question and answer system
  • Goodreader - PDF Reader
  • Paper - Capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings
  • Easybib - bibliography management
  • 123D Sculpt - sculpt and paint interesting and realistic 3D shapes. 

". . . the iPad initiative at Moore . . . brings the late Steve Jobs' wish to revolutionize education to fruition."

- iGeneration 2/13/12