MA in Art Education


The Master of Arts in Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations is focused on a rigorous program that educates art teachers to develop skills for adapting and implementing strategies that enrich the lives of all students, with a particular emphasis on students with disabilities. Through critically assessing art education policies, developing and testing innovative and research-based approaches in a field setting, and documenting the study, candidates are prepared to advance the development of art education.



MA in Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations  Class of 2013- 100% are employed with 5 of 6 graduates, or 83% holding positions in their field of study.

  • Congratulations to Clare Butler ’03, a graduate of the MA in Art Education with An Emphasis in Special Populations, for winning a grant from Target to bring Hua Hua Chinese Shadow Puppet Theater to perform and teach the art of Chinese Shadow Puppetry to her fifth grade students at Riverside Elementary School.


  • Art Education alumna Kim Gavin's school, William Cramp Elementary School, received a grant through Public Citizens for Children and Youth's Picasso Project. The 2015 grantees will be recognized at a ceremony on January 27 at Moore. Gavin, the school's art teacher and an adjunct faculty member at Moore, said the proposal was for for supplies and a teaching artist for the film club. Read more here.
  • Program director Lynne Horoschak '66 featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education. She also presented “Best Practices for Teaching Art to Students with Special Needs” to the Art Teachers of Great Valley School District on February 13 in Malvern, PA.. Lynne is the Monthly Mentor for the NAEA blog:



Growing up I found my academics to be very challenging. I struggled even to complete High School. Like many of my students now, I did not fit the “one size fits all” education system that we find ourselves in today. However, I always felt successful in the art room. Not because I was the best artist, but because my art teacher chose to celebrate every effort that I made to express myself. In these small moments of celebration my art teacher encouraged me to take risks in other areas of my studies, even though I was terribly afraid of failing. Over time, I found that pushing through my fear of failure was my greatest success of all.

And we all have students like this in the art room, don’t we? Whether we have students with IEPs, or special accommodations, or whether these needs are hidden from us, as art educators we desire to have an art room that offers a safe and engaging art making experience for all of our students.

Here at Moore College of Art & Design, through our Master of Arts in Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations program, we pride ourselves on offering the only program in the country that equips its graduates with the knowledge, research, strategies and skills to make art accessible to everyone.

Our highly trained and experienced faculty are looking for candidates who are curious about what they see happening in their art room and have a sense that something better is possible, and who are bold enough to do the work that needs to be done to enrich the lives of all of our students. When our students research and write their theses, they are making substantial contributions to the field of art and special populations. Their investigations become the research on which art educators will build their curriculums and advocate for change in the classroom.

At Moore you will also develop an incredible network of peers and colleagues to glean from and collaborate with, and I take great pride in the fact that our program has a 95% employment rate.

I believe that art education plays a vital role not only in our schools and community programs, but in our society at large. Art is the language that all people speak. It cuts across racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers.

Come and join me for this one of a kind experience. Let’s expand the field of art education together.

Lauren Stichter, MEd, Arcadia University, Faculty and Graduate Program Director