The art history major at Moore combines outstanding opportunities to achieve an in-depth understanding of art history from the traditions of an art practice throughout history to the economics and politics of contemporary art, craft and design. The major covers a wide array of topics and media, critical approaches, and historical periods, and offers a flexible  degree program for students who want to link extensive studies in art history with a significant and intensive studio practice. Working closely with a dedicated, professionally active faculty, students gain a working knowledge of visual cultures around the world. The program provides an excellent basis for graduate study in art history, in addition to preparation for careers in related fields such as museum studies, gallery work and publishing in the arts. Read more about the major.

News & Highlights


  • Dr. Janet Kaplan, Director of Curatorial Studies, and Dr. Jonathan Wallis, Associate Professor of Art History, will moderate discussions for Fiona Tan Study Day, hosted by the Contemporary Art Department and the Division of Education of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) and the Moore’s Liberal Arts Department in conjunction with “Fiona Tan: Inventory,” a current exhibition at the PMA. 


Maureen Pelta, PhD
The things I like best about teaching at Moore are the same things that make Moore unique.  As an art college for women, Moore is a community that defines itself by its commitment to art and women; we understand the...