Join us Friday, January 27 from 5:30-8pm for an opening reception celebrating: 


RAIR: FILTHY RICH – Projects made possible by the waste stream

January 28 – March 11, 2017
Situated inside the Revolution Recovery construction waste recycling center in Northeast Philadelphia, RAIR (Recycled Artist In Residency) interrupts the waste stream in order to promote and support sustainable practices in the worlds of art & design. RAIR has facilitated over forty artist residencies, special projects and performances since its founding in 2010. Filthy Rich: Projects made possible by the waste stream focuses on twenty-five of those projects reflecting the emergence of two prevailing themes: “site as medium” and “material as medium.” Co-curated with Billy Blaise Dufala, Director of Residencies at RAIR and Lucia Thome, Director of Special Projects at RAIR, the presentation will include sculptural objects, photography, video & performance and process documentation.

Artists in the exhibition: Jaime Alvarez, Mariel Capanna, Mary Ellen Carroll, Chrissy P. Day, The Dufala Brothers, Tim Eads, Jesse Harrod, Gabe Michael Kenney, J. Louise Makary, Martha McDonald, Monument Lab, Theo Mullen, Matt Neff, Ana Peñalba, Francesca Pfister, RAIR, Lauren Ruth, Lucia Thome, Traction Company, Jeff Williams and Bryan Zanisnik.



January 28 – March 11, 2017
Ana Peñalba’s practice is built upon continuous research that explores architectural systems and theories, ultimately interpreting their cultural significance through collaborations and varying creative disciplines. This exhibition presents Peñalba’s most recent work that was created during her fall 2016 residency at RAIR where she had the opportunity to examine Philadelphia’s architectural history and interpret its crowd identity through “spatial post-productions,” past and present. 

MARK STOCKTON: Independent(s)

January 28 – March 11, 2017
Mark Stockton’s latest work, made specifically for this exhibition, focuses on the radical female voice and the breadth of its interpretation through hand-drawn imagery. Working from photographs of women — including Alice Neel, Gertrude Stein, Georgia O’Keefe, Joan Didion, Kathleen Hanna and Angela Davis — taken exclusively by men, Stockton investigates how the popular is made familiar, rendering intimate portraits in pencil with extraordinary detail. In addition to the introduction of this new series, this presentation will include selections from previous projects that focus on portraiture, male identity, and American individualism.


January 28 – March 11, 2017
Paper Giants is an ongoing project that brings together the works of three New York-based artists: Ky Anderson, Meg Lipke and Vicki Sher. Each work is exactly 72 x 60 inches on heavyweight paper and while all three artists utilize varying colors, mediums and composition, their collaborative rigor is decidedly evident. The exhibition was conceived in 2013 to investigate the ways in which a small group can present individual ideas within a shared space and through similar format, while at the same time maintaining their independent studio practices. This collective presentation includes new works by all three women, alongside recent works that have been previously shown.