Elizabeth Todd

Elizabeth Todd


Interior Design

 Before attending Moore, I was a Registered Nurse and worked in the Operating Room.  However, I had always been interested in design.  After starting a family, I began to consider changing careers from nursing to art and design. It was a big decision to go back to studying full-time with a family I chose to attend Moore for several reasons. After speaking with the faculty during my tour I felt that they were more aware of my responsibility as a mother. The smaller classes allowed me more time with the instructor. The smaller campus gave a more human feel to the college; I felt that I was a member of a community and not merely a number. The fact that the instructors work outside of the college and bring their real-life experience to the classroom was also important to me as was Moore’s solid reputation. The final thing that attracted me was the career center and the support and preparation they give students to find a job.

I have been at Moore for three years as a commuting student, and it definitely feels like a real community. In class we often help each other out if there is a problem. I like that Moore is an all-women’s college, too, as the success of the alumnae is very inspiring and really builds confidence.

My favorite class is the Interior Design studio. It is exciting to see an idea you have transition from a 2D floor plan into a 3D space either on the computer or in a model, like it is a real space. I enjoy practicing both hand drawing and rendering to computer-generated drawings. Each class teaches me new aspects of the design process, design codes, and techniques. The projects allow me to bring the different lessons together and it is fun to imagine working on a similar project in the future and seeing that project become reality.