Brianna Barton


Fine Arts 2D & Curatorial Studies

I learned about Graphicstudio through Lorie Mertes, the former director and chief curator at The Galleries at Moore. She had helped with a show there and thought it would be a good fit for me. I worked as a studio assistant, prepping and cleaning plates, helping with proofing and the editioning of prints.

Working at Graphicstudio was the best time I ever had on the clock. It was a great experience living away on my own for the summer. It forced me to get out of my comfort zone. The internship fellowship helped me cover my rent for most of my time there. 
The internship made me realize how much I love working in a print studio. I was also able to make my own plates and experiment with my own prints. The Art Shop at Moore ended up using one of the prints at Moore's Visionary Woman Awards dinner.

Brianna is Valedictorian for the Class of 2011.

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