Watsuki Harrington

Watsuki Harrington


Curatorial Studies

Moore is place to grow as a creative individual. If you want to challenge yourself there are teachers here that will make you fight to develop your potential. Moore is a place that will nurture your individuality and consistently dare you to create something better, make something bigger or think more critically than you had before. 

I chose Curatorial Studies because I love to research and read about the history of art. I would like to work in a museum or an art institution someday.

I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Hawaii. In Hawaiian there is a word, “pono,” that means “righteous” and it is used to describe “good-people.”  I would say that many of the faculty and staff are “pono” and that’s what makes Moore special.

During my internship at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, my primary responsibility included assisting with the installation of Noguchi sculptures on the PMA’s new "green" rooftop located at the West entrance. To the museum's credit, it is the largest environmentally friendly garden atop a parking facility in the world.

My internship experience was challenging and rewarding because I worked on a range of projects. One of the most valuable lessons I learned came from attending meetings with other departments because I was able to observe the mechanics of the museum and see how everyone functions together towards the same goal.