Renee Zelnick

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Renee Zelnick


Fashion Illustration

Moore is unique because it still values and embraces the foundational studies. Moore also strikes a wonderful balance between the professional and the fine arts. I felt Moore’s staff was supportive - professors and administrators -  in every aspect from financial aid to work-study programs and beyond.

I was intrigued by the concept of an all women art college. The emphasis on empowering women as leaders in the visual arts appealed to me. The school’s smaller class sizes allow for personal attention as well as comfort in group critiques, which help prepare you for the “real world.”
The career preparation at Moore is unique. I grew up in Lancaster, PA – so even a small town girl can get a great start at Moore. I’ve worked with everyone from Spielberg to Tupac…my skills honed at Moore keep me busy working on TV commercials, films, and fashion with a global clientele.
I get a real charge from having an idea gestate in my mind, moving it onto paper or a computer screen, then collaborating with others to develop and refine it. Then to have it manufactured or shot and BAM! … it has become manifested in reality.