Abigail McGinnes

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Abigail McGinnes


Interior Design

Stuart Rosenberg Architects has worked with Moore students in the past and contacted our internship prep teacher to see if anyone was interested in an internship. She told us to look at his work to see if we were interested. Two Moore students interviewed and he chose me for the internship.

The firm does a little bit of everything from commercial to residential to historic preservation. I worked every day during the internship and Stuart kept me on until the beginning of the semester. I worked on architectural drawing and details. I had the opportunity to meet with some clients as well.  I did surveying out in the field, where I would go out and measure where existing walls are and square footage to incorporate in drawings.  I worked to organize materials in the library and helped interior designers pick out materials to use.

I’ve enhanced all the skills that I’ve learned at Moore and have gotten much better at using AutoCAD and Photoshop. I have learned the architectural numbering systems, the way they divide the materials and spec sheets in the library. I’ve learned how to not only meet with clients and talk about projects but e-mail, talk on the phone and answer questions professionally. I also had the opportunity to observe how Stuart gets a project when he goes out to bid for it and receives confirmation to be the architect for the project.

Stuart has an interior designer who works for him, so I’ve learned a lot from her too. She has me go on the Internet to pick out the tile or hardware she wants. I definitely feel if I hadn’t had the internship I wouldn’t have gained the skills I need senior year and after that I feel like I have a better chance of getting job after school. I really want to focus on historic preservation and eventually open my own business.