Christina Heppard

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Christina Heppard


Textile Design

The size of the college and the faculty are the best assets that Moore has. With classes no larger than 30 students, I was able to receive the attention that I needed in order to progress tremendously. The faculty at Moore are also involved in numerous events outside of the college, which gives each student a chance to make connections. Although the college is small, it has a long history of successful alumnae who are always excited to engage with current students.

I had two internships following my junior year at Moore. One was at the Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans and the other was at The Print Center in Philadelphia. I wanted to use that time to discover a new area and develop my connections to museums of different scales and specialties. Both of these experiences gave me access to opportunities that I had only dreamed of. At the Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, not only was I able to explore a new city, but I was able to co-curate an exhibition and learn the inner-workings of a museum. The Print Center was a chance to make local connections and learn more about the development of a non-profit institution. Both of these experiences helped prepare me for my future career.

I have always been a creative person. Growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey, creating was a way to escape and imagine a world other than my existing surroundings. This continues to fuel my work. I seek creativity in a multitude of media: textile techniques, fibers, writing, photography, drawing, sculpting, and anything else that informs my concept. I am interested in the authority of the everyday and the different ways through which I can explore these concepts. My work is a growing entity.