Carrie Morrissey

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Carrie Morrissey


Fashion Design

I was surprised how much I loved going to an all women's school.  You are really able to get down to work and create strong and lasting bonds with fellow classmates.  There is a real sense of camaraderie that I was able to feel at Moore that I don't think I would have necessarily found at a co-ed school. 

I had several internships while at Moore: a merchandising internship at Staff International, a design internship with Betsey Johnson Kids, and a woven design internship at Anthopologie directly after graduating. All internships, good or bad, are essential to help understand the working world and help fully recognize what you want out of it.

My line, I Still Love You NYC, features women's ready-to-wear clothing, jewelry and accessories focusing on one-of-a-kind and small run designs made with remnant fabrics and salvaged materials. The line straddles three main themes: organic lines, hard edges and overall wearability. The main objective is to deliver clothing and jewelry that have a timeless elegance and cutting edge ferocity to women who know exactly what they want and how to get it.

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