A vibrant community, both on campus and off.

Campus is a place where students become family, a place where women become professional visual artists, and are inspired and challenged to become their very best. Small class sizes and on-campus living promotes close interaction between fellow students, faculty and staff, allowing each student to discover her unique voice, develop her skills and build her confidence.

Campus life extends into the city. Since the College is located on The Parkway in Center City, in the midst of Philadelphia’s Museum District, Moore students have easy access to all the city has to offer. Diverse neighborhoods, shops and restaurants of every variety abound. Philadelphia itself, while a city, is also one big campus. There are more than a dozen colleges and universities within walking distance of Moore and Greater Philadelphia is home to more than 300,000 college students from across the country and around the world.

Moore College encourages students to explore and enjoy the resources and events in Philadelphia and helps make them available by offering a range of free or discounted tickets to plays, music and dance performances, sporting events, craft shows and films.

Learn more about Philadelphia by visiting some of the many sites below. 

New York, Baltimore and Washington aren’t far away either. Many departments sponsor field trips to Washington and New York as part of their curriculum, and Student Services offers a December holiday bus trip to New York each year. Students also have access to a variety of inexpensive transit and private bus companies that offer daily service to these three cities.