Residence Life Staff

The Residence Life Staff is part of the everyday life of students living in the residence halls. Knowledgeable about the College and its resources, members of the Residence Life Staff are trained to help with day-to-day concerns, manage emergencies and serve as links to the Student Services Staff.


Resident Directors:

Kat Statsenko - RD, Stahl|
Kaitlyn Reynolds - RD, Stahl
Larisa Manzo - RD, Sartain

Resident Assistants:

Ivana Urick - RA, Stahl
Michelle Kye - RA, Stahl
Rachel Kilbury - RA, Stahl
Davinica Nemtzow - RA, Sartain
Nicole Melnicky - RA, Sartain
Victoria Lattanzi - RA, Sartain
Megan Rhodes - RA, Sartain