Health Insurance Information

Moore College of Art & Design requires that all students have health insurance. To make sure that all undergraduate students enrolled in 12 credit hours or more are covered, the College automatically includes the cost of a health insurance policy provided through United Health Care in their tuition bills.  Students must either document that they are already properly insured with personal medical insurance (waive out), or they must purchase the plan offered by the College (enroll). All Undergraduate International students are required to carry insurance and are automatically enrolled in this plan and may not waive out of the plan.

The cost of the UnitedHealthcare Student Resources plan is $1460.00 for Full-Time undergraduate students and all undergraduate international students, which includes all premiums and administration fees.  The cost will be included in determining students’ financial aid packages. 

  • Insured students that want to waive out of the plan must log on to, select Moore College of Art & Design from the drop down menu, click on “Waive Your School’s Insurance” and complete the waiver, which requires them to provide key information about their personal medical insurance.

Once students have documented that they are properly insured with personal medical insurance, the charge will be taken off their bills.  Students are asked to log on to the website and process their waiver information by September 9, 2013; if students do not complete the waiver by September 30, 2013, they will be automatically enrolled in the insurance and the charge for the insurance will remain on their tuition bill.

  • Students who wish to enroll should log on to, select Moore College of Art & Design from the drop down menu, click on “Enroll Now” and follow instructions. 

All students have access to our Health Services, headed by Diane Azuma, RN, free of charge.  The College also has an ongoing relationship with a group of physicians to whom we refer students for primary care. 

Brochures explaining in greater detail exactly what the insurance covers will be posted on-line at  Flyers can also be picked up in the Health Services Office on the first floor of Stahl Hall.  Any charges for services beyond what the insurance covers are the student’s responsibility.  The College does NOT provide any reimbursement for these co-pays.

The College has also retained Health Advocate to assist students using the UnitedHealthcare StudentResources plan.  Health Advocate is an added bonus when you enroll in a UnitedHealthcare StudentResources plan.  Your Health Advocate benefit includes three important features: Healthcare Help, MedChoice Support, and Medical Bill Saver.  This all-in-1 benefit is designed to help you and your enrolled dependents personally navigate the healthcare maze, make better decisions about your medical care and lower your medical bills.

For more information regarding Health Advocate, please visit          

Part-time students, carrying a minimum of six (6) credit hours are encouraged to enroll in the College’s plan. The cost of the UnitedHealthcare StudentResources plan is $1,673.00 for part-time students.   You may enroll online with a credit card or by mail with a check or money order.   

Enrollment must be submitted on or before September 30, 2013, in order for the student to be eligible for coverage.   If you do not enroll for the year in the fall semester, you will not be able to enroll later during the 2013-2014 school year without experiencing a “life change”. This means that the loss of coverage is no fault of your own or the policyholders. 

Graduate students enrolled for six (6) or more credit hours may enroll in the health insurance plan on a voluntary basis. If you are a graduate student and wish to enroll please contact UnitedHealthcare Student Resources at 1-800-505-4160.

Students with questions regarding this policy and its terms should contact UnitedHealthcare Student Resources at 1-800-505-4160 or visit