Current Software Requirements

All first year students are required to purchase Microsoft Office, and encouraged to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud. All students choosing to purchase a Windows laptop will also be required to purchase Antivirus protection.  Moore highly recommends that students choose to purchase an Apple Computer laptop, the preferred tool of most artists and designers.  However, students intending to major in Interior Design should consider purchasing a ThinkPad (PC), as AutoCAD software is not currently written for the Macintosh (Apple) operating system.  Please be sure that the software you purchase is the correct version for your platform (Macintosh or PC).

All Transfer Interior Design students enrolling in sophomore level courses must have the following programs:*

  • AutoCad
  • Photoshop
  • SketchUp
  • Podium

Autodesk offers free downloads for most of their products to anyone with an edu email address. Once your email account is sent to you, you can go to to register and download the software. Autodesk includes AutoCad.

Free versions of SketchUp and Podium can also be downloaded. SketchUp Pro can be obtained for free by students with a set of codes that SketchUp gives to instructors. So, there is no need for you to purchase a full version of the program. The free version of Sketchup can be downloaded at after your instructor gives you the codes.
There is a free trial version of Podium that you can download at This trial version limits the size of the renderings useful for getting familiar with the program. You can purchase the full version when you take the course where Podium will be used. 

Photoshop is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

*Note: these programs are not required for incoming first-year students.

How to make your purchase

Most hardware and software discounts are only available through Moodle.  However, the College has also arranged for hardward discounts for Macintosh systems only at the Penn Computer Connection, located at 3610 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA, o the University of Pennsylvania's campus (215-898-3282). Software should still be purchased online through, for the greatest discount.