Social & Studio Practices

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Our department is bringing together artists and organizers to both critically and pragmatically engage in the discourses and practices concerned with art’s relationship to place, collaboration, ethics, material and interdisciplinary research. Through three degree on-campus programs including MFAs in Community Practice and Studio Art and an MA in Social Engagement, we are concerned with the role, history and potential of art in relationship to society. Through our classes, public programs, community partnerships, symposia and the work of our renowned students and faculty, we are in the world, asking challenging questions together.

The MA in Social Engagement is focused on the practices that facilitate and administer socially-engaged art and explore the ethics, authorship and history of community-based art. The MFA in Community Practice critically investigates the convergence of studio and community-based art practices taking place in a wide variety of local and global contexts. The MFA in Studio Art’s program emphasizes rigorous and immersive study in fine art studio practice and challenges the artist to confront both practical and philosophical concerns facing artists today.

Photo by Steve Weinik