New Graduate Programs

MA in Art & Social Engagement and MFA in Community Practice EXPECTED TO LAUNCH 2015

Moore College of Art & Design is pleased to announce the development of two new graduate degree programs: MA in Art & Social Engagement and MFA in Community Practice in partnership with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.  Both programs are expected to launch in the summer of 2015.

The new MA and MFA degree programs have been developed to complement Moore’s current unique graduate programs: MA in Art Education with An Emphasis in Special Populations, MFA in Interior Design and MFA in Studio Art, and to position the College as a cultural leader in social practice.. 

A significant feature of these programs is the extensive shared course work focused on theory, research and policy studies of race, class and culture. The most unique feature of the new Masters of Art in Art & Social Engagement and Master of Fine Arts in Community Practice programs is the partnership with the Mural Arts Program.

Mural Arts has brought together artists and communities to collaboratively create works of art that transform public spaces in Philadelphia and the lives of individuals for 30 years. Their programs have earned Philadelphia international praise and have positioned them as a national leader in arts in criminal and restorative justice. The unique Moore / Mural Arts partnership offers candidates a rare opportunity for field research, networking and professional opportunities along with hands-on experiences while working with social practice experts in the community.  

"These programs are ground breaking in their approach to curriculum development in the level of collaboration between an academic institution and a community-based organization.” – Cecelia Fitzgibbon, President

Above photo by Steve Weinik

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The MA in Art & Social Engagement is a specialized program focused on the study of community- based art grounded in the theoretical discovery and critical examination of works created within a social context. The program consists of ten courses totaling 30 credits and designed to be completed in four terms or fifteen months (One year and three months).

The MFA in Community Practice is a multi-layered program that approaches art-making through social engagement with the public. The program will support practitioners and peers through courses designed to ignite the exchange of ideas for individual and group projects and functions as a “learning hub” where knowledge and information are shared. The program consists of seventeen courses totaling 60 credits and designed to be completed in seven terms or twenty-seven months (two years and three months).

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