International Residency in Burren, Ireland


As part of the MFA Studio Art program, Moore graduate candidates travel to County Clare, Ireland, where they are surrounded by the stunning landscape of the Burren and the rich culture of western Ireland.  During their required, four-week international residency at the Burren College of Art each experience is framed by the Burren environment: geography, culture and community, together with the class dynamic.  

Candidates gain:

  • access to international visiting artists not otherwise available in the United States
  • immersive intensive studio experience
  • rigorous examination of the visual art and culture specific to the region, as well as their influences on past and contemporary art

At the conclusion of the Ireland Residency, candidates have the opportunity to reflect upon this transformative experience in preparation for a mid-program review in a two-week studio intensive at Moore immediately after returning to Philadelphia.

Dawn Kramlich experienced an artistic “ah hah” moment while completing her graduate residency in Burren, Ireland. “Right before I left for Ireland, I faced a very difficult decision. However, it ended up being the best decision I’ve ever made for my work,” she said. “I was always a painter but I realized it wasn’t functioning for my concept. It was either: drop the medium or drop the concept, but it was truly the concept that was driving me. So I told myself: you're not allowed to paint in Ireland. By restricting myself, I freed myself up and discovered an aesthetic that really fused with my concept.”

Burren College of Art, located on a limestone plateau on the Atlantic Coast called the Burren, prides itself in being a hothouse for artists, led by artists; it is a remote yet connected place that inspires reflection and compels one to consider the creative struggles of making art.  The remarkable landscape surrounding the College with its megalithic tombs, prehistoric burial mounds, Bronze Age and Iron Age forts, churches, monasteries, holy wells and medieval castles has long been a source of inspiration for, and in many cases, an adoptive home to artists of all genres, ranging from painters to playwrights    

 The College is equipped with modern amenities: studios, a darkroom and photography studio, sculpture workshop, a lecture theater, a library, art materials store and other facilities are designed to meet a student’s research and artistic requirements. 


Burren Book: Vol. II