John Muse


  • Ph.D. in Rhetoric from U.C. Berkeley
  • MFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute

Recent Activities

  • Recent curatorial Projects include And the Winner Is Nick Kahn, 2012; Field Guide: Markus Baenziger, 2011; among friends, 2009; and Framing Photographs: Contexts and Transpositions, 2008.
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Independent College Programs at Haverford College. 
  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Visual Studies at the John B. Hurford Class of ’60 Center for Arts and Humanities, Haverford College, 2012-13. 
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Haverford while also serving as the Center’s Exhibitions Program’s Faculty Liaison, 2009-12. 
  • Featured artist at the Robert Flaherty Seminar, 2009. 
  • Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Center, 2007-09.