Photography & Digital Arts

The photography & digital arts major is designed for students who are interested in working across multiple image based disciplines. Students learn to utilize various forms of media as contemporary art-making tools, including, but not limited to: photography, video, animation, media-based installaion, hand-made imagery, social media and emerging technologies. Students have the opportunity to investigate the unique aspects of these rapidly evolving disciplines, tooks and techniques, while learning various strategies through which to realize creative photographic, digital and emerging media projects. Read More About the Major...

News & Highlights

  • 100% of 2012 Photography & Digital Arts graduates are employed, 80%with organizations in their field of study, including:  Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation, Public Interest Network, Timur Photo and The Library Company of Philadelphia.  For more details visit the Locks Career Center page


  • Congratulations to Moore junior Photography & Digital Arts students: Natalie Asarisi, Jacquelyn Daley, Alyssa Dempsey, Kelly Ewing, Melissa Ojeda, Marguerite Pape, Victoria Tolley, Amy Trout, Elissa Tuerk and Kelisa Valinote whose film Vine Dance Compilation has been selected for the Disposable Film Festival 2014 in San Francisco, California.   The film will be screened on the opening night of the Festival, March 20, 2014, in the historic Castro Theatre.   Click here to see the film They did it!  The team of 10 Moore student filmmakers extends their heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to their Go Fund Me campaign, which surpassed its $5,000 goal.  The money raised will go towards hotel, food and transportation expenses in San Francisco while at the Disposal Film Festival 2014 to which they were invited.  


  • A new addition to the Moore website is our Podcast Series, the purpose of which is to share scholarly and highly informative lectures by Moore faculty, alumni and staff with the public.   We’re launching the series with these two lectures on leadership by President Fitzgibbon.


  •  Hear from Melissa Ojeda, Photography & Digital Arts Major, with a Business Minor. Learn how she came to choose Moore, (0:00) here experience with the "MFA SNEAK PEEK," (0:28) knowing everyone in this small community, (0:53) her expanding interests here at Moore, (1:14) her amazing experience being at Moore's all-women BFA program, (1:38) the helpful sisterhood, (1:59) finder her style and form as a photographer, (2:33) and the comfort in taking risks. (2:57)
  • Courtney Smyth ' 13 has a new position at C and C Photo Studios in the Doylestown/New Britian, PA area.
  • Robert Goodman, chair of Fine Arts, Photography & Digital Arts, and Interactive & Motion Arts, had a solo exhibition at Seraphin Gallery in Philadelphia on March 7, 2014.
Alexandra Stepnoski
Recipient of Penny Fox Internship Fellowship I want to combine my passion for my major, Photography and Digital Arts, with my abiding interest in educating children. Nickelodeon Studios has been the leading cable...
Sarah Quick
I am currently employed at the Frick Art Reference Library in New York City as a scan technician in the conservation department. I help digitize rare and fragile books. I love being part of the process that preserves...
  • Andrew Pinkham Photography
James Johnson
As a practicing artist, it's important to keep one's work fresh, which allows me to keep my teaching fresh. My own work combines my interests in photography, architecture, surveillance, computer automation and domestic...