Holly Bittner
Director of Writing
While I have never considered myself a "hat person," I wear many of them in my professional life, at least in a metaphorical sense. As the Director of Writing at Moore, I oversee all aspects of both The Writer's Studio and the First-Year Writing Program. As a full-time faculty member in the Liberal Arts Department, I teach creative writing, first-year writing, and literature courses. As an academic scholar, I research and explore connections between critical and creative writing. And as a writer, I craft long, messy, cross-genre poems. My favorite poets are Wallace Stevens, Frank O'Hara, and Alice Notley. But my strongest influences are the teachers I had in the creative writing program at Temple University, where I received my Masters degree in 2001−particularly the poets Rachel Blau DuPlessis and Jena Osman, who mentored me in the difficult yet invaluable process of becoming a good reader of my own writing. Now, a decade later, I am honored and excited to facilitate the same kind of guidance in writing for students at Moore through the various offerings of The Writer's Studio, and I invite all students, faculty, and staff to collaborate with me in this effort.

Tal Bavli

Hey everyone :)
I'm Tal and I'm an international student coming to you all the way from sunny, wonderful, Israel. I'm an Illustration major, and I'm hoping to become awesome enough to work in the animation industry when I graduate (look out Pixar!). Writing for me is a way to start a discussion, something that should entice the readers to think critically. So my favorite kind of readings are the ones I disagree with, especially those that make me really mad. I'm happy to join the Writer's Studio team, and excited to help my buddies as I improve my own writing too. :) Bring cookies!.. just kidding.. No, but really- cookies.

Rachel Costa

Hi everyone! I’m Rachel and I’m a junior Interior Design major here at Moore. Apart from spending every waking minute in the studio, you can typically find me indulging in a good read (I’m a fan of Khaled Hosseini’s work), sleeping (every Moore student’s favorite pastime), or catching up on an episode of The Office. This is my second year at The Writer’s Studio and I’m excited to work with all of your familiar faces once again and also see some newcomers as well. I find writing to be a very instrumental tool in our art and design careers because it allows us to get all of those brilliant notions out on the table. Many of my own ideas for projects and papers wouldn’t have come out so well if they hadn’t started with a pencil and paper in my hand and with some awesome guidance along the way! Although writing has the tendency to make us draw a blank sometimes, I promise that with a little help from our wonderful team, you’ll be finishing that paper in no time!

Lydia Knopp

Howdy! My name is Lydia Knopp and I’m a Midwesterner from Kansas City, Kansas. This year, I am a sophomore planning to double major in Graphic Design and Curatorial Studies.  Because of Moore’s small, but wonderful student body, there have been many opportunities for me to get involved.  This is the second year I’ve been apart of Moore’s Emerging Leaders in the Art’s Program and my first year at the Writer’s Studio, on the Student Judiciary Committee, a member of Student Government, and also a Student Ambassador.   Being new to all of this, I’m happy and excited to be involved in such a helpful resource like the Writer’s Studio!  Writing has always been a strength of mine, however, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of this if it weren’t for all the talented and patient people who have helped my own writing improve.  Now I get to use my knowledge to help guide fellow students to reach their full potential as skilled writers themselves! Personally, an author I enjoy is Charles Bukowski, for being a dirty (but honest) old man. (: Very excited to be working with the Moore student body and looking forward to seeing you this year!

Christine Tilton
I’m a senior majoring in Curatorial Studies with minors in Photography & Digital Arts and Business. As a student ambassador in the admissions office, I love to walk people through our school. I'm also part of Emerging Leaders in the Arts (ELA), and I just finished my internship at the Print Center here in Philly. I hope to work in a museum or non-commercial gallery someday. Writing is an integral part of expression, and I know that it will be an essential part of my career in articulating my creative ideas. I look at writing as a formula and process of small steps. Once broken down, writing starts to become easier to tackle. Writing can feel like an endless unbearable task, but it can be fun once you find your footing within a paper or creative piece. Whether it is just getting your ideas down or discussing a final piece, we can help you out here in The Writer's Studio!
Jessica Rachel Truitt

I am a junior majoring in Fashion Design and also pursuing a minor in Curatorial Studies.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and am excited to be one of the new members of The Writer’s Studio.  I had originally aspired to be a writer, until a passion for costumes and theater altered my career goals.  Being a Writing Assistant gives me the opportunity to embrace my appreciation of well composed ideas and appropriate syntax.  My hobbies include playing chess and reading.  My favorite author is Neil Gaiman, and I delight in everything he writes, including his fantasy/ fairy tales, children’s literature, graphic novels, and short story collections.

Jazmin Guterriez:

My name is Flor Jazmin Gutierrez and I am currently a sophomore at Moore College of Art and Design, working to earn my Curatorial Studies BFA with a minor in Graphic Design. I am currently in the Student Government's Academic Committee and in the Student Leadership Board’s Retention Committee. I am excited to begin my first year as a Writing Assistant and believe that writing is important for self-expression and communication. As a prospective curator, I find that a well-written press release can entice audiences to visit an exhibition, similarly to how the summary of a book can attract a reader to buy it. These persuade their audiences, using an understanding of their subject which, in many cases, is what students have to do when arguing their thesis. My goal as a Writing Assistant is to support students’ development as writers through their assignments so that they may further express their opinion more assertively. 

Bonnie Wilson

Hi! I'm a Photography and Digital Arts sophomore with minors in Business and Graphic Design, but I want to learn everything from sculpture to printmaking too.  I'm a member of Business Scholars in the Arts and I'm interested in entrepreneurship and owning my own business.   I'm a Philly native with a background in teaching, and I'm also a parent to a witty 4-year-old who tells hysterical knock-knock jokes.   I'm really into having conversations and sharing ideas, and I think writing is the perfect mechanism for evolution of thought.   Reading, thinking, talking, responding and writing help shape who I am as a person and an artist.   The Writer's Studio is a great resource for us as creatives and I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Rachel Cohen

Hi everybody! I’m Rachel, and I’m a junior Illustration major and new Writing Assistant. When I’m not drawing (which, let’s be real, fellow Illustration majors, is practically never), I love to read and write. My favorite authors are Douglas Adams and Haruki Murakami because of the fascinating, funny, and idiosyncratic twists and turns to their writing. The goal of writing is effective communication, just like the goal of the art you are producing. Whether verbally, visually, musically, etc., the ability to articulate your thoughts and ideas is invaluable. Once you have that down, being able to do it in an interesting and unique way is pretty cool, too. I also like food, dogs, and getting enough sleep. :)