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This series will give the Moore community the opportunity to discuss their art, current events, or interesting book passages over a cup of coffee. 

When: 4 PM until 5 PM on 2/25 & 3/24 




This series will give members of the Moore community opportunities to learn about various topics in education.

• March 16 at 11:30 AM – Michael O’Bryan – Barriers in Education

Michael O’Bryan is a 2014 Philadelphia BMe Leader award recipient, and also an awardee of Child Advocate of The Year for the Philadelphia Region from the PA Department of Education. Michael is currently the Program Manager for Youth Arts Education at The Village of Arts and Humanities. His talk will explore potential misunderstandings in the classroom and how they can prevent learning.

Where: The Writer’s Studio (Stahl 113)


Guest speakers will present to the members of the Moore community on topics that can benefit in and outside of the classroom.

JOIN US in 11:30 (unless noted) in the Writer's Studio (Stahl 113)

• February 3, 2015 – Steve Scaduto – Clear Writing: For Fellowship Proposals and Beyond

The Writer’s Studio’s Steve Scaduto will offer some tips that will help in drafting fellowship proposals and other types of writing.

• February 17, 2015 – Heather Knopf – Creating a Story With Illustrations…

Adjunct faculty member Heather Knopf is a writer, artist, and children’s book illustrator. She will use her expertise in field to explore how one can develop a story alongside one’s illustrations.

• April 13 at 11:45 AM – Neejla Musitief – Citations and Plagiarism

Do you get squeamish when you have to cite resources for a paper? Do you fear that you will unintentionally plagiarize and your academic career will go to pot? Senior Library Assistant Neejla Musitief will take you on a journey so you are better equipped to handle documentation, citations, and bibliographies.

*Please note there will also be an evening version held on April 14 at 5:45 PM.

2016 Video Archives

Lucretia Forte – Citation and Plagerism

• Michael O'Brian – Barriers in Education

• Steve Scaduto – Clear Writing: For Fellowship Proposals and Beyond

• Heather Knopf – Creating a Story With Illustrations…

Archives of old presentations can be viewed at our Presentation Archive Section.