FN101 Foundation Design I 4.5 credits
FN102 Foundation Design II   3 credits
  Foundation Design Lab 0 credits
FN111 Foundation Drawing I 3 credits
FN112 Foundation Drawing II   4.5 credits
IMA200 Digital Painting for IMA 3 credits
AH111 Convention, Canon, Sign 3 credits
AH112 Becoming Modern 3 credits
WRIT101 Writing Workshop I 3 credits
WRIT102 Writing Workshop II 3 credits
  Total: 30 credits  
FN123 Color Theory** 3 credits
IMA201 Animation & Storyboarding 3 credits
IMA202 2D Character Design & Enviroment Design 3 credits
IMA203 3D Environments 3 credits
IMA204 Time Based Media Projects 3 credits
IMA300 History of Interactive and Motion Arts 3 credits
  Modern Art History Course 3 credits
  Non-Western Art History Elective 3 credits
HIST211 Interpreting History 3 credits
HIST212 Cultural Collisions and Transformations 3 credits
  Studio Electives 3 credits
  Total: 33 credits  
IMA301 Game Strategies Studio 3 credits
IMA302 Game Projects 3 credits
IMA304 Mobile Media Projects 3 credits
IMA306 Marketing & Business Development 3 credits
IMA325 3D Animation 3 credits
IMA303 Internship Preparation/Professional Practices 3 credits
  Liberal Arts Electives 12 credits
  Studio Electives 3 credits
  Total: 33 credits  
IMA401 Senior Studio 6 credits
IMA402 Thesis 6 credits
IMA404 Contemporary Interactive Culture 3 credits
IMA496 Internship 4.5 credits
  Liberal Art Electives 6 credits
  Open Electives 6 credits
  Total: 31.5 credits  

Four Year Total


Foundation: 18 credits


Major: 55.5 credits


Liberal Arts: 42 credits


Open Electives: 6 credits


Studio Electives: 6 credits


TOTAL FOR DEGREE: 126 credits


*Major Course
**Foundation Course.