Sara Lenton



My teacher told me about Moore when I was in the 10th grade and when I came to the open house, I was really impressed.

All of the students at Moore work extremely hard, but they are doing what they love. Whenever I think about my friends in liberal arts schools, I am just so glad that I chose to be at Moore, where I was constantly making art and growing as an artist. I actually looked forward to doing my homework when I was a student.

Moore’s small size is possibly my favorite thing about the school. I loved the fact that I knew almost everyone I passed in the hallway. It allowed me to have better relationships with my professors and it made me feel like my voice matters. My work would not be as strong if I was at a larger college.

During my internship at the Penguin Young Readers Group, I organized old book files, scanned items for designers, researched illustrators for the art directors and made book dummies to send off to illustrators. I also assisted with more design-related jobs.

I got a glimpse of what it will be like to work as a children’s book illustrator who interacts with an art director and a designer for a book. I saw original sketches, along with initial comments, then revised sketches and comments on those. This showed me the way art directors, editors and designers think about a book and the various changes I might have to make to an illustration before it’s completed.

I currently work as a graphic artist at Gingrich Memorials in Middletown, PA. My main job is to create custom hand etchings on gravestones.