Emma Irvin


Fine Arts

Moore is a close-knit and diverse community of very talented students, faculty, staff and alumnae who all work together to empower women to become successful artists and designers. Moore’s focus on careers in the arts and the required funded internships really support students to achieve their ultimate career goals.

I completed many wonderful internships while at Moore including working hands-on with a studio-based glass artist and assisting the International Sculpture Center with various archival projects and events from New Jersey to London, England. They all made me realize that my creativity and passion for the arts is rooted in my own artistic practice and can happily extend into other areas of my life, beyond the studio.

My world view drives my creativity, from the people I meet, to the places I see. Through my position at Moore I am able to combine my creative skills, passion for the arts and love of travel. I really enjoy meeting and supporting creative and talented people.