• Andrea Pinkham Photography
Monika Kuder


Curatorial Studies

I came to Moore for the Curatorial Studies program. Moore offered a curriculum that I felt answered my need to be in the arts but not as an active artist or an art historian. I’ve learned there are many more opportunities to work in the arts than I had originally thought. With a strong program and an amazing gallery, I’ve picked up valuable installation knowledge, writing skills and have honed my research methods.

Thanks to this program, I feel that since my class graduated, we have made ripples and changes in what and who curatorial studies is on campus. 

I did my summer internship at The Print Center in Philadelphia. I researched the gallery’s archive to collect historical data for their Centennial celebration. This assignment led me to further research and write about archival discipline and the interpretation of historical information, which became the basis of my senior thesis and exhibition. 

I loved going to school in Philadelphia. Being from Houston, Texas, I’m used to driving everywhere. At Moore, I could take public transit, bike and walk everywhere. Plus, the city is crawling with artists, galleries, music, schools and history. I still catch myself acting like a tourist when I’m walking around. Even the street graffiti catches my eye.