Chloe Van Stralendorff


Curatorial Studies

Community Outreach Coordinator at Be The Change

I am currently employed at Be The Change the first donation based yoga studio in Orange County California, as a Community Outreach Coordinator. My responsibilities as a Community Outreach Coordinator includes contacting which local non-profit organizations would like to be featured during our quarterly donations. In addition, my responsibilities range from promoting events to co-organizing the monthly special events. I also work for BLENDS a sneaker company based in Southern California as a project photographer for our products on our online store.

Although my undergraduate experience as a Curatorial Student at Moore College of Art & Design has prepared me for creative roles in the art world, Moore prepared me to seek my passions and to serve my interests in giving back to the community through creative projects. This transition was most apparent during my internship at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions during my junior year at Moore. Working with a passionate non-profit gallery provided me with the knowledge of understanding the functioning aspects of a gallery, which has prepared me for future career opportunities like my position at Be The Change and BLENDS.

As a curatorial studies major my curriculum served to be extremely satisfying through the Liberal Arts and the Fine Art Department. My favorite memory was having the opportunity to combine my interests in curatorial work and a performance piece for my thesis. I had an immense amount of support through participation and interest from the Moore community, which was the most satisfying last experience Moore could have given me during my departure.